Democracy in a Pineapple can / A Blonde Asian / Lucky bars 


Inspired by Chungking Express, a movie created in 1994 by famous Director Kar-wai Wong.

Although on the surface a love story, Chunking Express is obsessed with the passage of time. Not even inanimate objects are immune from this fixation, as evidenced by Cop 223’s obsession with purchasing tins of pineapple that will expire on May 1, exactly one month from the day that he was dumped. He wonders aloud if love and relationships have expiration dates like items of food, explicitly drawing a link between the limited shelf life of consumer products and the fragility and delicacy of love. 

Perhaps to impose order on the chaotic and random nature of life, seemingly arbitrary times and dates have tremendous meaning for Cop 223, and by extension, the filmmaker; This obsession with deadlines and dates likely reflects the mood and fears in hong kong at the time of the film’s release: only five years before the long-awaited handover of Great Britain to China.

© 2020 by Juri Rhyu.